ChickenWings Sampler

by Michael and Stefan Strasser
brought to your iPhone by Patoing mobile media

Whoever said chickens can’t fly? These here can! Watch the employees of the small airline “Roost Air” struggle through the daily business of getting airborne.

Chicken Wings is a comic for aviation enthusiasts and pilots and their comic strips are featured in many aviation magazines around the globe.

ChickenWings Sampler now contains 30 ChickenWings comic strips all in beautiful colors. And the best thing – it’s FREE! – hoping that you will get hooked and purchase some of our future Apps that are coming soon.

Features easy navigation:
- Swipe to move from frame to frame within a strip
- Use the < > arrows to move to the next strip.
- Use the Back button to flip back to the menu

Included for your convenience are direct Web links to Chicken Wings Comics and Patoing (right to this site).

Support Info

Update Version 1.1

fixes som minor bugs (mainly fixes the problem of not starting on the first frame of a strip on some devices), adapts to a more eye-friendly status bar and adds a optimised splash screen.

Update Version 1.2

50% more FREE comic strips -that's 30 crsip strips for you!

Vamped up navigation:
- Tap on "Contiune..." to glide from frame to frame through the whole book
- Tap the numbers to jump to another strip

Added feature:
- Email your favourite strips to friends without leaving the App (limited to 80)

Link to our first iVol App: Chicken Wings Think Big iVol 1 of 2

Update Version 1.3

+ Tap on "Buy Now!" to see more awesome Chicken WIngs Apps including our latest iVol Books as well as Chicken Whack our fun casual - but adicitve - game.

+ We added a little nifty badge to show how many Chicken Wings Apps are avaiable for you to enjoy.



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Download Chicken Wings Sampler on the iPhone App Store here.

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