Skyline Sudoku

Sudoku alternative brought to your iPhone
by Patoing mobile media

This app takes Sudoku to the third dimension in your brain.

Simple rules but hard to master. Exactly as a good puzzle should be.

5 sky scrapers with 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 stories stand in each row and each column.
The numbers at the border indicate how many sky scrapers can be seen from this point when looking at the row or column.

Uses the basic rule of sudoku and adds a third dimension resulting in a mind crunching game.

- Auto Save: continue your game where you left off later
- 4 different pens so you can jot down your thinking
- Additional functions to clear the board or to fill in penciled in numbers

Try it out as an alternative to Sudoku or to help you work out your brain.

Support Info

Update Version 1.1

+ Fully translated to German / Vollständig auf Deutsch (Sprache stellt sich automatisch auf die Gerätesprache ein)

+ Minor bug fix

Update Version 1.2

+ Skyline Sudoku now uses the Retina display of the iPhone 4 to the fullest. All graphics are handcrafted to make use of the crystal clear display. Of course lower resolution for other devices are included.

+ We updated Skyline Sudoku to work nicely on iOS 4 - the latest and greatest operating available for iPhone and iPod Touch


Download on the iPhone AppStore
Download Skyline Sudoku on the iPhone App Store here.

If you need support or want to give us feedback please send us an email.